qRequiredStringAddress (full address free text or separated according to administrative levels q=10 6th ave, manhattan, ny, 10004
q=broadway, manhattan, ny
q=main, new york, ny
q=chicago, il
q=ny, 10003
countrycodeOptional - Simple geocoder
Required - Composed geo-coder
StringCountry code of the map currently viewed by the client. The country code is according to ISO-ALPHA-3 code:
keyRequiredStringyour API Keykey=YOUR_API_KEY
langOptionalStringLanguage of the client according to ISO-639-3 code. to country codelang=eng
resultslimitOptionalIntegermaximum number of returned results in response5resultslimit=5
lookupOptionalBooleanTells the service to consider external data with repositioning of addresses. This is a tool for fixing misplacement of addresses in the data of the map data provider.falselookup=true
outputOptionalStringoutput format of the response.
Valid values: [ json | jsonp | kml ]
ieOptionalStringinput encoding of requestutf-8ie= windows-1255
poicategoriesOptionalStringPOI category IDs to consider for the geo-coder response. Can be no category, a list of categories, or all POI categories ('*').no POIs.poicategories=*
minGradeOptionalDoubleThreshold grade (0-1) for relevance of results which will be returned by the service.0.8minGrade=0.6
iconformatOptionalStringFormat of icon which will represent the result on the map displaypngiconformat=jpg
sensorOptionalBooleanwhether the API is called from a device with a positioning sensor (GPS)falsesensor=true
rcOptionalStringReference coordinates and zoom level for the search: long, lat, zoom-Levelrc=3-,12.13476,14.12441