q0Required (if c0 is not provided).StringFull address free text of the origin (e.g. q=24 ben gurion st. tel aviv)
or -
Address separated according to administrative levels (e.g. q0=;state|cl;city|denver;street|mall)
q0=chicago, il
q1..q(n-1), qnRequired (if c1 is not provided).StringFull address free text of the origin (e.g. q=24 ben gurion st. tel aviv)
or -
Address separated according to administrative levels (e.g. q1=;state|cl;city|denver;street|mall)
q1=chicago, il
c0Required (if q0 is not provided).Stringcoordinate of the originc0=-73.971787,40.7972
c1..c(n-1), cncoordinate of the destination / milestonesc1=-73.971787,40.7972
countrycodeOptional - Simple geocoder
Required - Composed geo-coder
StringCountry code of the map currently viewed by the client. The country code is according to ISO-ALPHA-3 code:
keyRequiredStringyour API Keykey=YOUR_API_KEY
langOptionalStringLanguage of the client according to ISO-639-3 code. to country codelang=eng
lookupOptionalBooleanTells the service to consider external data with repositioning of addresses. This is a tool for fixing misplacement of addresses in the data of the map data provider.falselookup=true
minGradeOptionalDoubleThreshold grade (0-1) for relevance of results which will be returned by the service.0.8minGrade=0.6
minNotExactGradeOptionalDoubleminimum threshold grade (0-1) for found address for not giving a not-exact result.0.5minNotExactGrade=0.9
projectionOptionalStringMap projection typeprojection=webmercator
outputOptionalStringoutput format of the response.
Valid values: [ json | jsonp | kml ]
ieOptionalStringinput encoding of requestutf-8ie= windows-1255
iconformatOptionalStringFormat of icon which will represent the result on the map displaypngiconformat=jpg
sensorOptionalBooleanwhether the API is called from a device with a positioning sensor (GPS)falsesensor=true
routeTypeOptionalStringtype or route to be calculatedfastestrouteType=Shortest
vehicleOptionalStringtype or route to be calculated: car or pedestriancarvehicle=pedestrian
tollwayOptionalBooleanallow or prohibit driving through tollwaysfalsetollway=true
headingOptionalDoubleAngle of route starting point. The service will consider the heading value when choosing the route direction.falseheading=120
showDiscriptonOptionalBooleanIf not True, the output will be JSON, and the result will include only the route duration, without driving directions or any other details.trueshowDiscription=false - don’t show route description
showDiscription=true - show route maneuvers
showDiscription=time - show only time
showDiscription=length - show only length
showDiscription=time;length - show only time & length
trafficOptionalBooleanIf true, the route will consider real-time traffic information for calculating driving time, and decide upon the fastest route.falsetraffic=true
slimOptionalBoolean if True, removes less commonly used tags from the responsefalseslim=true

For optimization purposes, it is possible to setup the request in a way that saves time, while making the algorithm stricter or using approximations:

approximationDistanceOptionalInteger (meters)Distance to destination that can be used as a result. If a route to the destination itself was not found, but a route with this distance was found, the found route will be returnedq0=chicago, il